Make Measured Decisions

The data you need to make informed decisions across your operations.

Emesent Hovermap

Australia’s first service providers for the Emesent Hovermap platform.

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Commercial LiDAR Scanning

Drone mounted, handheld, winched or vehicle driven.

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Make Measured Decisions

We use LiDAR technology to provide you with the data you need to make measured decisions across your operations.

We are the first service provider in Australia to use the world-renowned Emesent Hovermap platform, allowing LiDAR surveys in GPS denied environments.

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MineLiDAR was founded by two engineers with over 30 years of experience between them. We know mining, risk, and understand site work is a dynamic environment. We also understand that you want a team that can complete a job safely and with qualitative precision.

Whether drone mounted, handheld, winched or vehicle mounted, we apply LiDAR scanning across a wide range of industries.


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