Stope Reconciliation

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Underground mining is a dynamic environment.

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LiDAR Services - Underground Mining - Shafts, Raisebores, Ore Passes - Structures Can Be Clearly Defined
Systems such as the Cavity Monitoring System revolutionised stope reconciliation with the ability to define stope voids, however these systems come with issues relating to shadowing, point density and most importantly personnel exposure at the
stope brow
Hovermap is the next revolution for stope reconciliation. Hovermap significantly increases data density removing shadows almost entirely, allows detailed analysis of structures and blast holes and keeps people safely away from stope brows. 
The Hovermap can be either drone or remote vehicle mountedInformation obtained from the highresolution data means: 
  • Structures can be clearly defined
  • Veins and lithology boundaries can be identified
  • Drill hole butts can be mapped
  • Accurate stope volumes can be calculated

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