Winched LiDAR

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Winched LiDAR is the perfect tool to undertake a shaft or raisebore scan, giving you the ability to scan hundreds of metres easily and repeatedly. MINELiDAR can conduct shaft scans up to 1000m deep and over 10m in diameter.

Emersent Hovermap Drone Mounted LiDAR Services Perth Western Australia

MINELiDAR conducts winched LiDAR scans using the Emesent Hovermap platform the world leader in LiDAR scanning technology.


We can help you with:

  • Identifying stress induced spalling in the walls of the raise, validating the in-situ stress field

  • Identifying the location and orientation of water bearing structures in a raise

  • Quantifying the additional total volume of material above the design shaft dimension

  • Providing the necessary data to make decisions regarding remote lining raises

  • Quantify pillars between shafts and surrounding tunnels

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