Drone Mounted LiDAR

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UAV LiDAR can help you see – where it’s not safe to see.

Our drones, carrying the Emesent Hovermap payload, can scan in areas that expose people to hazards. UAV LiDAR, using a SLAM-based system, enables you to go into unsupported ground to conduct surveys in GPS denied environments, helping you define risks easily without exposing your workers to them.

Hovermap equipped drones are operated remotely and don’t need a lot of room to manoeuvre, letting you scan in the most difficult of places. UAV LiDAR can be flown above ground or underground, in tight environments or into large pipes and pits.


Emersent Hovermap Drone Mounted LiDAR Services Perth Western Australia

In only a short space of time, UAV LiDAR has proven itself to be an invaluable tool for structural geology studies, feasibility studies and environmental impact studies.

New uses for UAV LiDAR scanning are still being discovered across a range of industries and applications. Get in contact to find out how UAV LiDAR can assist you in your field.

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