Vehicle Mounted LiDAR

MINELiDAR LiDAR Scanning Vehicle Mounted Icon

Vehicle Mounted LiDAR gives you the ability to scan a large area at a rapid rate, making it one of the most economical ways to scan. The Emesent Hovermap system can be mounted on a wide range of vehicles including wheeled rovers, bicycle, quad bike and remotely operated heavy equipment.

Vehicle Mounted LiDAR scans allow you to:

MINELiDAR Emesent Hovermap Handheld LiDAR Icon Map

Map entire underground tunnel systems

MINELiDAR Vehicle Mounted LiDAR Scanning Search Icon

Identify the location of pipes and services within a tunnel

MINELiDAR Vehicle Mounted LiDAR Scanning Tunnels Icon

Conduct change monitoring scans on roadway cuttings, tunnels, or infrastructure corridors

MINELiDAR Vehicle mounted LiDAR scanning tunnel scan

Vehicle mounted LiDAR allows you to complete multiple passes efficiently for subsequent analysis such as convergence monitoring. Whether above ground or below ground, Hovermap can easily be configured to fit almost any vehicle, allowing for rapid data acquisition.

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