Advances in technology have defined the way we’re doing things both above and below ground. With so many new developments on the horizon, what does the future hold for us miners?

Join Peter Finn, managing director of FACE Contracting, as he sits down with forward-thinking professionals from all walks of life and talks about the ups and downs of the mining industry.

In this episode, Peter Finn talks with Peter Evans, our Senior Geotechnical Engineer, about how his mining career spans over a decade, starting off as an operational geotechnical engineer, before joining the consulting world with MineGeoTech.

Peter has not only worked on home soil within Australia but also travelled internationally to work on projects like the Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia.

Peter talks about what is happening in the fascinating field of geotechnology whilst also reflecting on his own mining background and his journey from big truck enthusiast as a highschooler to underground miner. We dig a little deeper into the topic of career expectations of new entrants to the industry, and the ins-and-outs of cross-cultural mining.

We also chat about:

  • The art of explaining complex topics in layman’s terms.
  • Racking up frequent flyer miles – Peter’s experience working abroad.
  • Life in Mongolia and how the cultural crossover works.
  • Using drones – it’s not about the operations, it’s about the data.
  • Why MineGeoTech is focusing on geology and tech within mining.
  • How to sift through data and make it meaningful for operations.
  • What’s on the horizon for technology in the industry
  • Is the current mining model sustainable?
  • Is the mining industry ready for new technology?

Listen to the podcast:

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